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Strange Humankind - An Ecological History of Humanity

Strange Humankind - An Ecological History of Humanity

Conceived and commissioned by Save the Humans ( Lyrics: Many and strange are the things of this world, But nothings as strange, or quite as absurd As you and I — Humankind — You might have heard: We’re kind of the worst. Is the title deserved? — Human Beings: It’s a quarter million years since we came on the scene; In the past 300, we made some machines And began a new age — the Anthropocene. …Now just how extreme do I have to be To have a whole planet age that’s named after me? Anthropos — human — it’s Greek — I agree: We changed the whole thing by quite a degree… Celsius. — See? — It’s kind of intense — We don’t always make ecological sense: Cuz the things we invent, for survival success, May, in the end, just lead to our deaths! …Yes. … But for now we’re alive, And while we’re all here, we may as well ask why — And how’d we change so much, in so little time — The history of Strange Humankind. We’ve been around 300 thou’, And it all started out au naturale — No horse, no plough; no slave, no master — That’s fire, Wow! — we hunted, and gathered. But nearer to now — 12 millenia tops — Just a little while relative to how long we’ve walked Upon this rock — someone stopped and said Let’s plant crops! And settle in a place, make bread and tend flocks. Bet — why not? But in the course of time, As the hunter-gatherer became the grower of the vine, It brought about changes in their hearts and minds: Your farm’s there; this farm’s mine. Darn — fine. Don’t let it get your goose — They started owning animals — and ownership and use Came to dominate a consciousness that used to keep it loose: For as one lives, so is one’s truth. We changed, we adapted — Our numbers increasing, Our Feeling gave way To Thinking and Reasoning. People of taste — eating with seasoning, Instead of just eating whatever the season brings. I sing how the shift began, As they planted grains in the shifting sand, As the power-grip shifted throughout the lands From animal to human, and from woman to man, From family to clan — and what slipped through the cracks As the way got paved, was the way to get back From the fictions we made to the natural fact Of the Here and the Now. — We became abstract. …That’s that. Home on the range: The world was ours, But the world was changed. And the things of this world Became things of exchange, And the Earth and the Self Which were one, Were estranged. Ah yes. Humans will be humans — Dust unto dust to industrial revolution. The age of mass production and accelerated movement — And it never really ended, cuz we’re kinda still doin it. Throw this one a way, buy myself a new one — Throw myself away — my self is such a nuisance — Find myself a way to disappear into my room and If I need to know what life is like I’ll stay at home and google it. And true, we’ve made progress, And awesome hits, And the laptop software I wrought this with — But we also made an big atomic bomb that hit, And for all time altered all of this. The radiation remains, And in our blood and our brains Are all the particles of polythene in hydrocarbon chains From our plastic bags — And so it’s hardly strange We made a problem as large As climate change. Ahhh, homo sapiens — One part progress, one part sloppiness. I don’t want to descend into soppiness, But sometimes I feel sorry for all of us. Imagine the scene, Ecstatically green — The age when humanity gathers its dream into action — and seeing The rational being Reconnected at last, with a planet that’s clean. This means that we’re not the worst: Your actions do matter, The plan is not cursed – Integrate the new with the way we lived first, And celebrate the work: Save the Humans of the Earth It isn’t just words Or an abstract ‘movement’ – It’s a fact, and a truth That if everyone is doin’ what That can where they’re at, Well then that’s a revolution: A radical reunion of the planet and the human. … So yes it is strange, Being this animal, having this brain – And yet we can change — and may redefine Just what it is to be human: kind.
Omega Mart Employee Training Video - Complete Course [FULL VIDEO]
Meow Wolf

Omega Mart Employee Training Video - Complete Course [FULL VIDEO]

Do you know how to Operate with Maximum Efficiency and a Great Attitude? Have you memorized your cone color codes? Good news, you’re well on your way to becoming part of the Omega Mart family. Get a headstart on your bid for employee-of-the-moment with training videos feat. tip-top hip-hop tips from Nate & Hila. They’ll teach you how to tackle "Difficult Spills," soothe "Exceptional Customers," and unwind with a "Micro Break". Take the Omega Oath, today! SUBSCRIBE: Check out Omega Mart​ Buy tickets here: Video Credits: Starring Cast: Karen: Lava Buckley @lifewithlava Employee in Training: Emily Rankin @eerankin Nate: Nathan Oglesby @NateHila @nateandhila Hilla: Hila Perry @NateHila @nateandhila Supporting Cast: Customer 1: Melanie Harris Customer 2: Don Converse Customer 3: Samantha Kade @samanthakade Manager: Shontez Morris @them0rrisc0de_aka_taz Crew: Directed by: Emily Montoya and Tristan Love Screenplay by: Julianne Aguilar & Benji Geary & Emily Montoya & James Longmire Director of Photography: James Kwan @kwantification Edited by: Alec Brown @RetrosModernLife Original Music by Nathan Oglesby & Hila Perry @nateandhila Narrative Production Manager & Editor: Michael Wilson Executive Producer: Nicolas Gonda Executive Producer: Michael Becker Executive Creative Director MW Las Vegas: Corvas Brinkerhoff @corvas Sr. Creative Producer: Tristan Love @tristanmlove Creative Director Omega Mart: Emily Montoya @emilyamontoya Senior Narrative Creative Director: Joanna Garner @joannabgarner Head of Story: James Longmire @jimmylongmire Producer: Brent Morris @brent.morris Associate Producer: Isabel Zermani @magicisrealism Unit Production Manager: Austin Ross Director of Animation and Post Production: Brad Wolfley @bradwolfley Post Production Manager: Jeni Nelson @miralajeni 3D Animation & VFX: Cynthia Beauclair @littlebigbangstudios 3D Animation & VFX: Ricardo Barros @littlebigbangstudios Graphic Design Director: Lacey Adams Graphic Design Lead: Sydnee Mejia @syd.mejia Sound Design: Jeff Nelson donkeytown studios Production Designer: James Hayes Costume Designer: Erica Frank @ericafrankdesign Production Coordinator: Lava Buckley Operations Manager: Justin Wiemer Executive Admin: Melanie Harris Executive Admin: Victoria House Studio Manager: Michael Warren Accounting Assistant: Otgadhe Whitman-Fox Office Production Assistant: J Keenan Wallace Casting: Kathryn Brink 1st AD : Sam Pool 2nd AD: Jorge Orozco Key Set PA: Scotty Leonard Crafty PA: Aiden Viscara Script Supervisor: Bobbie Sumberg 1st AC: Sydney Metz 2nd AC: Will Tatman Add Camera Op.: James Longmire DIT: Forrest Marsh Still Photographer: Kate Russell Gaffer: Theodore Bott Lighting Console Programmer: Patrick Toohey Key Grip: Michael Warren Dolly Grip: Tobin Espeset Dolly Grip: Jeremiah Phillips Company Grip: Jeremiah Phillips Company Grip: Avery Pelzman Sound Mixer: Andrejs Prokopenko Set Costumer: Kim Trujillo Key Makeup and Hair: Daniel Casillas Makeup and Hair Assistant: Katie Douthit Set Fabricator Jonathon Long (Robot) Set Dresser / Props: Carlos Martinez Set Dresser: Talon Stahmer Art Dept Coordinator: Christine Hayes Set Medic: Jonah Sparks Set Medic: Josh Spinello Filmed on location in the state of New Mexico About Meow Wolf: Meow Wolf is an arts production company that creates immersive, multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of storytelling. Our work is a combination of jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum, and immersive art exhibit. This unique fusion of art and entertainment gives audiences fictional worlds to explore. Creating immersive art experiences that transport audiences to fantastic realms. #MeowWolf Follow Meow Wolf online: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Check out Omega Mart WEBSITE:​​ INSTAGRAM:​ FACEBOOK:​ TWITTER: Meow Wolf
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