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Nathan Dufour Oglesby (aka Nathanology) is a rapper, writer and video artist whose work explores topics drawn from philosophy, history and the social sciences. He's known for his YouTube and TikTok channels, both of which include popular singles such as "An Introduction to Critical theory for the 21st Century" and "Be a Stoic".
He is also known for his eco-rap collaborations with Hila the Killa, and his performances at Brooklyn's House of Yes.  



Live Videos


"For the next two hours, performers Nate & Hila rapped on topics like plastics ("I refill. I reuse. Plastic bags, I kindly refuse") and existential ecological reckoning ("Is Earth other than us, self-balancing steadily? Or is she our mother and we're fucking her oedipally?"). It was a New York taste of eco-hip-hop, a small but growing genre forged by artists bent on spreading environmental advocacy through music." – Rachel Nuwer, The Magazine of the Sierra Club

On Monday (March 16), the duo released their (slightly NSFW) music video for “Die for That P–sy (Bee Sex),” which puts a humorous spin on gender roles and honeybee advocacy with the duo themselves playing the flying insects. – Mia Nazareno, Billboard

"As both individual artists and as a hip-hop team, community consciousness and political engagement moves the breezy content of Nathan Dufour and Hila the Killa’s music, while genuine warmth and joy sets the sails." – Dave Jamson, Meow Wolf

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