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Songs, videos & writings


Nathan Dufour OGLESBY


I create songs, videos, lectures and writings

about philosophical, sociological and ecological topics. Nathanology means “the studies of Nathan” — and so this moniker refers to my scholarly and artistic adventures through the winding paths of the Logos.


After obtaining a PhD in Classics, and teaching for many years at Hunter College and City College of New York, I became convinced that my educational calling brought me outside academia -- to infuse education with popular art forms, and explore complex ideas through video, poetry and song.


I see this as a return to certain ancient modes of teaching and performance — the figure of the rhapsode, the griot, the bard. The origin of the word “study” is the Latin stadium, meaning “zeal” or “enthusiasm.” —  In the end, and as it was in the beginning, there’s no difference between the act of educating and the act of entertaining.


Need a song about a particular topic? A social cause that's near and dear to you, a nuanced idea that needs to be brought to the light? Get in touch if you’d like to commission something or collaborate.

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