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My name is Nathan Dufour Oglesby.


On the internet, I use the social media handle and channel name @nathanology_. Usually when you put the -logy suffix on a word it means the study of something. It's from the Greek logos, which means "rationality," "account," or "story." I think the act of studying is implicitly a self-examination. So, Nathanology is what I study, and the study of me.


After several years of teaching at City College of New York, I began to feel that the classroom limits what education is and can be. Gradually my academic interests converged with my artistic career, and now I rap, makes videos and produce shows about philosophical, sociological and ecological ideas.

I share ideas, live performances, and video art on TikTok
and other platforms

and here 

is my YouTube


My TikTok

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I sometimes take commissions to make original pieces for academic courses, organizations and businesses looking to creatively disseminate their ideas.

If you like what I do but aren't looking to hire me, the best way to support me is through  Patreon, where I post new work.

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